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Rembrandtlaan 30 1213 BH Hilversum

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Het team

Toelichting van de school

The information given is for the whole Violen school and includes both the Dutch and the international sections.

Vakleerkrachten op deze school

Hoe wordt vervanging geregeld?

The school has a number of qualified teachers who are used on a supply basis. 

Directie van de school

Medewerkers op deze school (instellingsniveau)

Hoe is de verdeling mannen en vrouwen?


Wat is de leeftijd van de teamleden?


Hoe zijn de teamleden verdeeld over de verschillende functiegroepen?


Hoe zijn de leerlingen gegroepeerd?

Toelichting van de school

IPS Hilversum has a number of specialist staff at each of its locations for:

  • English as an additional language
  • Dutch as the host country language
  • Learning Support 
  • Physical Education

From August 2016:

Early Years to Group 4, is housed at the Frans Hals location

Groups 5 to 8, are housed at the Rembrandt location

Groups Early Years to Group 8, are housed at the Mondrian location

All locations havesingle age classes.


  • Leerstofjaarklassen

Hoe wordt de tijd op school besteed?

Leerjaar 1 en 2


Leerjaar 3 t/m 8

Toelichting van de school

IPS Hilversum is an authorised IB World School for the Primary Years Programme. This is a transdisciplinary programme in which the disciplinaries are not taught in isolation. Some 40-60% of the teaching time is devoted to a total of six transdisciplinary themes spread throughout the teaching year. Specific stand alone aspects of language arts and mathematics do fall outside of the above-mentioned themes. For each of the themes there is a unit of inquiry which incorporates a range of disciplines - social studies, science, history, geography, language arts and mathematics. As the focus for each unit varies so does the time devoted to the teaching of each discipline. This makes the completion of a weekly hour chart per discipline somewhat impractical and the given times should be regarded as estimations and averages.


Extra mogelijkheden op deze school

Extra ondersteuning van de leerlingen

Toelichting van de school

Conclusion from the Profile Scan:

It was determined that the school holds a special position within SWV. Due to this position it is not possible to describe the school as a regular primary school such as is the case for all other schools. In agreement with school management we have endeavoured to do justice to the school within the obligations of the school support profiles. This has resulted in more time being devoted to investigating the educational system and special character of the school than looking for the connections with inclusive education and school profiles.

A number of elements for a school profile scan were applied in the school in adapted form.

Welke specialisten ondersteunen op deze school?

Aanbod voor het jonge kind

Toelichting van de school

The majority of students join the school directly from another country but there are a small number that attend a pre-school belonging to an after-school care organisation, BINK Hilversum, that is housed in the building at our Rembrandt location.

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