Europese School Den Haag

Houtrustweg 2 2566 HA Den Haag

  • Collaborative learning enhances social dynamics in class and teaches skills for life.
  • We are proud of our qualified international teachers who are engaged and committed to the academic and personal development of our pupils.
  • We have a well-equipped music room where our pupils and specialist teachers sing and fill the hallways with the happy sound of music.
  • We offer tuition in 12 European languages, with native speaker teachers and a community enriched with families from all over the world.
  • We know education is more than just academics. Social-emotional development, self-confidence and happiness are equally important for TCKs.

Resultaten eindtoets

Toelichting van de school

The European School The Hague (ESH) is recognised as a "Dutch International Primary School". As such, our students do not write the CITO-tests as in Dutch Schools. Our teachers and pupils follow the European School curriculum. More information about the European Schools, click here. ESH pupils graduate to Secondary School at the end of school year 7 or the Dutch equivalent "Groep 7". 

Hoe gebruikt deze school tussentijdse toetsen?

Toelichting van de school

The European School The Hague has it's own curriculum and testing programme. There are no results to show.

Welk schooladvies kregen de leerlingen van deze school?

Toelichting van de school

Pupils finish their schooling in the Primary at the end of Primary Year 5. This is the equivalent of "Groep 7" in a Dutch Primary School. Given that our education system differs to the Dutch National System, we do not give a formal Secondary School advice, unless this is specifically requested. 

Vanwege een klein leerlingaantal is hier geen (volledige) informatie zichtbaar (bescherming persoonsgegevens).


Sociale ontwikkeling

Hoe denkt deze school over sociale ontwikkeling?

At ESH we know that schooling is about much more than academic progress and a diploma. We want to inspire our students to become responsible, future focused and proactive citizens of Europe and the world.

Our Mission is to provide a positive, open-minded community, that fosters ambition through rich cultural and academic opportunities, inspiring lifelong learning.

In the daily routines of school, we want to promote student wellbeing and use positive approaches to manage student behaviour and prevent problems. How do we do this? We attempt to create a social, supportive school and classroom climate with values which build a sense of community.

Our ESH core values are the principles which direct our choices and behavior and, simultaneously, promote wellbeing at ESH.

- We strive to reach our full potential
- We accept challenges and have a passion for finding solutions

- We focus on the positive aspects of all situations
- We buld a constructive and positive environment from which everyone benefits

- We show respect for people, possessions, our planet, protocols and ourselves
- We accept the differences, strengths and weaknesses of others.  

Leadership Opportunities
As educators at ESH, we have a valuable opportunity to help students develop and exercise leadership in a responsible manner. Therefore ESH plays a role in helping students, who are members of the school council, develop their leadership skills in order to reach their full potential as future leaders.

Kernwaarden uit de visie op sociale ontwikkeling


Wat zegt de inspectie over de school?

De Inspectie van het Onderwijs onderzoekt minimaal één keer in de vier jaar het bestuur van een school. De inspectie kijkt dan of de kwaliteitszorg, de onderwijskwaliteit en de financiële zaken bij het schoolbestuur op orde zijn. Daarnaast bezoekt de inspectie een aantal scholen die bij het schoolbestuur horen en onderzoekt deze scholen nader. De gegevens van het laatste onderzoek van de inspectie zijn beschikbaar op de website van de onderwijsinspectie.

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