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Houtrustweg 2 2566 HA Den Haag

  • Collaborative learning enhances social dynamics in class and teaches skills for life.
  • We are proud of our qualified international teachers who are engaged and committed to the academic and personal development of our pupils.
  • We have a well-equipped music room where our pupils and specialist teachers sing and fill the hallways with the happy sound of music.
  • We offer tuition in 12 European languages, with native speaker teachers and a community enriched with families from all over the world.
  • We know education is more than just academics. Social-emotional development, self-confidence and happiness are equally important for TCKs.

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This SchoolVenster website offers an insight into the results of the European School The Hague. The information has been provided by DUO, the inspections and by the school itself. The SchoolVenster offers you a reliable and nuanced source of information about the schools' achievements.

Welcome! The European School The Hague inspires students to be responsible, future focused and proactive citizens of Europe and the world. A truly multilingual school, the curriculum focuses on applied language learning and offers tuition in 15 European languages. Students are supported to develop their talents, and learning is extended through academic enrichment beyond the classroom. ESH offers full nursery and primary education through to secondary school, culminating in the European Baccalaureate.

The European School The Hague was founded in 2012 to provide education to the children of employees of Eurojust, Europol, EPO, EMA and ESA-ESTEC. These children are entitled to a place in a European School in accordance with the regulations of the European Schools network. Limited places are also available to pupils who qualify for an international education according to the Dutch regulations.

The European School The Hague is an Accredited European School, partly administered and financed by the Dutch national education system, and is accredited by the Board of Governors of the European Schools. It is part of the Foundation Het Rijnlands Lyceum.

We invite you to browse our schoolprofile here on Vensters PO and our school website for information about our pedagogical organisation and the school community. You can also contact us directly with any questions about our education and school ethos.

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  • Multicultural
  • Multilingual
  • European
  • Accredited European School

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Toelichting van de school

Pupils can be admitted from four years of age. Prior to their fourth birthday, they are allowed to come to the school to get used to the new situation for a maximum of five days. An application and support documents is made through an online admissions portal. In August 2012 the school started with 108 pupils, this has since grown to between 820 and 900 pupils per school year.

The school has five language sections Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. Dutch, German, French English and Spanish are offered from Early Years 1 up to Primary Year 5.

All pupils are placed in the section of their mother tongue or dominant language (first language). Students with a mother tongue not corresponding with the languages offered, will be enrolled in one of the existing language sections (English, French, German or Dutch). Greek, Finnish, Slovenian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Czech and Italian mother tongue lessons are offered during the school day, to the children with the corresponding dominant language. Parents are invited for a personal interview, during which the language section, mother tongue tuition and the second language will be discussed. Pupils whose parents do not work for a European organisation in or near The Hague (category III pupils), can qualify for admission if there are places available and if they meet the criteria for international education. 

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Verdeling naar leerjaar en leeftijd toont hoe de leerlingen op deze school zijn verdeeld naar leerjaar en naar leeftijd. Ook wordt de verdeling van de leerlingen vergeleken met de verdeling van de leerlingen op een vergelijkbare school.

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Pupils can be registered for after school care with ZEIN childcare or one of the 8 other After School Care service providers on this link Click here. We also offer an "Early Birds Club" from 7:30am with Big Ben Kids.

ESH offers a wealth of After School Activities (ASA) with services rendered by experienced external ASA tutors / instructors in the school building and on the sport fields. More than 860 ASA places are available for children each week!  The programme offers a variety of ASA’s in Sports & Fitness, Creative Arts, Music, Dance & Performance and Technology. They are tailored to children's ages and interests.

The vision behind the ASA’s is to enrich pupil's lives with new and challenging activities not offered during school hours. Pupils can try out various physical or creative activities to see what they might like and where their interests lie and perhaps discover a new talent. Once they have found an activity that suits them and that they wish to pursue, they can join local Dutch clubs or teams. Furthermore, the ASA’s give pupils the chance to be around school mates from other language sections which gives them the opportunity to make new friends throughout the school.

Our pupils can make use of canteen facilities which offer hot, freshly prepared meals everyday except Wednesday, this facility is provided by LOF catering.

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